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galw [] г. - (If you "call someone" on the phone, you "galw rhywun". "Galw yn" translates the use of "call" that's equivalent to "visit" (or in American "visit with" or "drip in on"), so you "galw yn" someone's house or "galw yn" the office (that is, a specified office). Sometimes, you can "galw ar" someone meaning to "galw yn" their house, but "ymweld â" is more correct than "galw ar" in this sense. "Galw ar" is equivalent to the English "call upon (someone to do)": "galwaf ar fy nhgyd-Gymry i sefyll yn y bwlch" "I will call upon my fellow Welshmen to stand in the gap".)
0. galw пов. 2 ед.ч.
1. вызывать [vɨzɨ'vatʲ] г. - несов.
1. призывать [prʲɪzɨ'vatʲ] г. - несов.
1. называть [nəzɨ'vatʲ] г. - несов.
1. звать ['zvatʲ] г. - несов.
1. созывать [səzɨ'vatʲ] г. - несов.
1. назвать [nɐz'vatʲ] г. - сов.
1. вызвать [] г. - сов.
1. позвать [] г. - сов.
2. звонить [zvɐ'nʲitʲ] г. - несов. непер. (по телефону)
2. позвонить [] г. - сов. непер. (по телефону)
3. заходить [zəхɐ'dʲitʲ] г. - несов. непер.
3. навещать [nəvʲə'ɕatʲ] г. - несов.
3. зайти [] г. - сов. непер.